Whitstable Oyster Festival 2019


Hello there! Welcome, welcome and welcome again to your Whitstable Oyster Festival 2019! Back for more family fun-times, heritage inspired happenings and many memorable moments!

Join us as we herald the Landing of the Oysters and proudly parade them through the town; have a claw catch on at the Crabbing; cheer on the competitors in the famous Oyster Eating Competition; spend an afternoon on the pull at the Mud Tug; take in the sea views and explore a world of cuisine at the Food Fair; as well as embrace the beautiful (and uniquely Whitstable) sight of a beach full of glowing Grotters at twilight… all this and so, so much more so invite the family over and get set for a packed weekend of Whitstable shaped fun!

The full Festival listings will be available on our website soon. You can find a map of the locations HERE, or for a bit more detail you can take a look at each separate event using the Featured Events links below, or the Community & Fringe event links from the navigation.

We are incredibly excited to have partnered with the wonderfully talented and distinctive illustrator and artist Quinton Winter in featuring some of his popular Weird Whitstable poster series for the WOF19.

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