WOF Ambassadors

Come join the fun!  Get stuck in with family, friends and neighbours to make the WOF community!

We’re looking for a special team of fun-infused WOF Ambassadors keen to get stuck into the festival activities, play vital roles in facilitating the weekend and have a good time doing it!

There’s the opportunity to get your fingers into many a pie, with a range of events and activities during the festival: run for the community, by the community (with a bit of support!)

#LoveWhitstable #WOF18 #WOFA #Community


Contact us for more info:  shuckingamazing @ fulleventproduction.com

Would you like the opportunity to perform at this year's Whitstable Oyster Festival??

We are looking for performers of all kinds to join us in this years programming.

If you think you have what it takes to entertain the masses, drop us a line at wof@fulleventproduction #wof19

The time is upon us.... Keep watching for updates #wof19

Grotters #WOF18

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