Oyster Eating Competition

Date:                  Saturday 28th August, 2021
Start Time:        13:30
Location:           The Harbour Stage

Ready, set, go!  Don’t spit, try not to wretch, just swallow! The challenge is simple – get half a dozen oysters and half a pint beer down your neck in the fastest time (and keep it there) to win! In perhaps the most reliably funny and messy moments of the festival, a true gullet-defying-gobbler will emerge from the throng and be proclaimed the 2021 Oyster Eating Champion.  Limber up, get that gag reflex under control and hone your technique – visit any number of fine Whitstable establishments to get practicing!

Sign up at the WOF merchandise stall by the Harbour Stage from midday on Saturday 28th August.

£10 entry.