Please enjoy the Festival responsibly

Responsible drinking:
Obviously Kent makes some of the best tipples in the world and lots of us like to partake of them – and what better setting than with the sun on your face, the sea breeze in your hair and some Kentish produce in your belly, to enjoy them? We can’t think of one! But we want you to enjoy the Festival and remember the memories you’re making, so please drink responsibly throughout the weekend.

Whitstable Oyster Festival bars and associated alcohol trading outlets will be operating a Challenge 25 policy as part of our commitment to ensuring responsible drinking – so if you are lucky enough to luck even remotely close to 25 or under, don’t forget to bring your ID.

Forms of accepted ID:
– Citizen Card
– UK Photocard Driving Licence (must be valid)
– Passport (must be valid)

Litter, noise and anti-social behaviour:

Whitstable is a beautiful and tranquil place – let’s try to keep it that way.

The Festival has a major impact on the Town and whilst much of the impact is positive, there are aspects of the event that can and will affect the on-going viability of the Festival… and none more-so than litter, noise and other general anti-social behaviour.

So please treat Whitstable well; put your litter in the bin, keep the noise down as you leave the Festival events and generally be nice to your neighbours.

Irresponsible parking:

Oh yes – and parking… don’t forget the parking!

Please, please, please… if you must drive to Whitstable then please use the car parks & designated parking areas, and whatever you do please don’t park on residential streets or across driveways.

There will be Parking Enforcement Officers on patrol across the entire weekend, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

To avoid bringing the car altogether, check out Travel info here