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#WOF19 merchandise to become available soon! 



Planning to catch a local bus to attend the Whitstable Oyster Festival? Check our travel info and be the first to get there! https://t.co/5E6gp5pCyW #WOF19 #LoveWhitstable

If you’re lucky enough to look even remotely close to 25 or under, don’t forget to bring your ID! Whitstable Oyster Festival bars and associated alcohol trading outlets will be operating a #Challenge25 policy as part of our commitment to ensuring responsible drinking #WOF19

Roll up, roll up!

You can now register your team for WOF19 Mud Tug here: https://t.co/12RYoRLUIO

A mid-afternoon Whitstable pulling session with mud and sweat guaranteed, but hopefully no tears!

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