We are incredibly excited to have partnered with the wonderfully talented and distinctive illustrator and artist Quinton Winter in featuring some of his popular Weird Whitstable poster series for the WOF19 announcement posters, as well as a specially commissioned magical Oyster Grotters poster and Weird Whitstable WOF map.

The beautiful historic town of Whitstable has a strange hidden world that exists alongside it and within it. Parallel to the independent shops, jet skiing day trippers, and native oysters, there is a place where the unknown, mysterious and unnormal occur. 
This is Weird Whitstable…
Weird Whitstable was first presented as an exhibition at The Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre in Whitstable in 2013. The exhibition was covered by The Fortean Times, Whitstable Times and The Kent Messenger.  

Since then, Crabzilla has gained world-wide fame! Being featured on the BBC’s Have I Got News For You (Series 48, episode 3 with Frank Skinner), The Sunday Express, the cover of The Daily Star, Huffington Post, as well as worldwide news reports in New York, Australia, and Germany. It was even featured on Japan’s popular Morning Bird TV show! 

Weird Whitstable is illustrated and curated by award winning illustrator Quinton Winter.

His recent work includes the New York Times bestselling book Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different, a piece for BBC Wildlife magazine, and a large project for the National Portrait Gallery in London.