WOF Ambassadors

Come join the fun!  Get stuck in with family, friends and neighbours to make the WOF community!

We’re looking for a special team of fun-infused WOF Ambassadors keen to get stuck into the festival activities, play vital roles in facilitating the weekend and have a good time doing it!

There’s the opportunity to get your fingers into many a pie, with a range of events and activities during the festival: run for the community, by the community (with a bit of support!)

#LoveWhitstable #WOF18 #WOFA #Community


Contact us for more info:  shuckingamazing @ fulleventproduction.com

If you’re one of the lucky residents in the Whitstabubble, please leave the car at home when attending #WOF18 whenever possible. It’s better for the environment, it's better for the town and it’s better for you!


We will be playing at the #whitstable Oyster Festival this Sunday 22nd 6.30-8pm x #whitstableoysterfestival #kent

Fantastic to have you onboard!

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